Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy

Marvel approached us at Territory Studio to work on the screen graphics for their new franchise ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’. The brief was to create on-set screen graphics and VFX concepts for the UI of each of their sets. Each style had to be different. From futuristic but recognizable interfaces to alien complex and organic controls.

Nova Processing Room

My first task was to work on the Nova Processing Room. The concept was a glass panel showing the information, status and criminal records for each member of the group. I designed and animated all the widgets and the final assets were handed to the VFX house for them to integrate into the final shots.


Milano Spaceship

I created some of the screens for the Milano, Peter Quill’s personal spaceship. We were commissioned to do all the cockpit screens for the ship, including transparent panel controls and more screens for other sections like the lower deck glass table or the cassette player. The task was divided between the members of the team at Territory. Below are the ones I designed and animated.


I designed and animated some screens for the Ravenger ships too. The tech had to be similar to Milano’s but with a different treatment. These are some of the screen designs.


This is only the work I did. To see all the screen designs produced by the entire team please visit the Territory Studio website.

Marvel Credits

Director: James Gunn

Production Designer: Charles Wood

Set Decoration: Richard Roberts

Art Director: Alan Payne

VFX Supervisor: Stephane Ceretti

VFX Producer: Susan Pickett

Territory Credits 

Creative Director: David Sheldon-Hicks

Motion Designers: Peter Eszenyi, Nick Hill, Ryan Rafferty-Phelan, Marti Romances, Martin Aggerholm, Yugen Blake, Jay Dingle, Gabor Ekes, Ryan Jefferson Hays, David Penn, Alasdair Willson

Font Designer: Lee Fasciani

Playback Credits



Edit: Cristina Casanova, Marti Romances

Audio: Zelig Sound

© 2014 Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy