Killzone ‘Mercenary’

Killzone ‘Mercenary’

I recently had the pleasure to work on the new PS Vita game from Sony: Killzone: ‘Mercenary’.

As the Art Director at Territory I created four styleframes to define the look and feel for the cinematic videos and then joined the team working on the motion graphics for each mission. I then progressed onto animating the logos for both Guerrilla ‘Cambridge’ and Killzone ‘Mercenary’, and directed the credit sequence too.


 For the two logo intros I used After Effects with Plexus and Cinema4D for the floor ripple

These are some images from the credit sequence. An unusual credit roll with the 3D assets of the game creating a nice parallax effect on the background combined with a particle mesh system and lens flares.

Have a look at the work we created with the team here.