Land Rover 'Evoque'

Land Rover ‘Evoque’

RBH approached me through Pixel Smash Studio to create an interactive piece for Land Rover. The aim was to show how sustainable it was to build their new creation: The ‘Evoque’. With the 3D models extracted from CAD data from their engineering team I created all the textures and lighting solutions using 3D Studio Max and Cinema4D. With the assets ready I was able to animate all the interactive elements and transitions.

The multi-platform digital experience was built around an interactive website, with both rich media and html variants; along with an HTML5 format video version for iPad and mobile. Our video featured a voiceover from automotive journalist and Fifth Gear presenter Jonny Smith.The piece was awarded with a Bronze Fresh Award for the 3D artwork.


This is the explanatory video for the mobile version

And a walk-through of the interactive version